5 Things To Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

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5 Things To Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

5 Things To Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

Staying with the current trends can improve the value of your home — so long as they’re tasteful. Your bathroom is no different. With emerging technologies, decor, and aesthetics, remodeling your bathroom can lead to better value for your home and even lower water and utility bills.

However, a bathroom remodel isn’t exactly cheap. With an average price of about $10,000, you want to ensure you’re making a solid plan. Consider a few of these aspects to avoid sunken costs and wasted time.

1. Setting a Realistic Budget

Though the average bathroom remodel price is around $10,000, that doesn’t mean you should automatically attempt to hit this figure. Depending on the size and scope of the project, ten grand becomes an arbitrary figure.

More importantly, you should stick to a budget that suits your financial situation and the size of the bathroom itself. In most cases, a dollar-per-square-foot figure is a better plan. Aim for a budget between $70 to $250 per square foot to keep yourself on budget.

2. Focus on a Particular Goal

The biggest mistake that many homeowners make with a bathroom model is a lack of focus. They hear that remodeling a bathroom adds value to their home, or maybe they just want a new look — neither is particularly a solid reason to have a bathroom remodel.

Instead, focus on a tangible goal and consider what you aim to achieve. Do you want to update the fixtures? Do you need more water-efficient fixtures? Are you bringing the bathroom to a more contemporary style? Do you need to redo the entire thing or just a portion?

Answering these questions and choosing a remodeling scope can drastically improve the project’s outcome.

3. Improve Ventilation

Excessive moisture is the most common foe of a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. The only way to negate this moisture is by adding ventilation. Generally, aim for ventilation fan ratings equal to one cubic foot per minute (CFM) per square foot. For example, if your bathroom is 85 square feet, get a ventilation fan rating of at least 85 CFM. This will eliminate wall water marks, mildew, and mold.

4. Add Some Better Lighting

Layering your bathroom lighting is integral to your enjoyment of the room itself. Dim lighting is the scourge of a great vanity area, while lackluster lighting over the toilet creates a depressing spot to do your business.

If possible, add several different light fixtures in the form of ceiling mounts, sconces, and overhead lights — and all with dimmers if possible. This lets you control the brightness and ultimately leads to a more versatile experience in showering, grooming, or doing your business.

5. Hiring the Right Person for the Job

Even if you want to install the shelving, racks, tile, or decor, not everything should be a DIY event in a bathroom model. For rough plumbing, water rerouting, and fixture installation, enlist the help of our professional Bay Area plumbers.  At Express Plumbing, we are experienced and licensed to handle any size project.

With the right mix of experience and expertise, a reputable plumber can complete the plumbing aspects of your remodel precisely and accurately — adding to the allure of your brand-new bathroom.

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