Slab Leak Detection & Repair

If you have a slab leak call 650-343-9477 for the most qualified leak detection and slab leek repair plumbers serving the San Mateo Area.  Express Plumbing has the most advanced equipment to repair your slab leek quickly and cost effectively.

We offer the most advanced slab leak detection equipment and repair techniques that are less invasive which means you save time and money when you rely on our slab leak experts in San Mateo serving the entire Bay Area community since 1987.

Isolating the problem into a small location causes less damage, and makes the slab leak repair quick and easy.

slab leak isolation and repair

Identifying the Slab Leak

Most people know they have a leak when they see a huge increase in their water bill, right away you check the common areas, running toilets, or leaky faucets, but a slab leak can be a bit more mysterious.  Here are some common distinctions that your home or business has a slab leak.

  • You hear running water in the walls or ground even when the water is turned off
  • You may fee a hot dark spot on the floor which may indicate a hot water line leak
  • Seeing cracks in the walls or on the floor
  • The carpet is moist or you see mildew under your carpets

Fast & Safe Slab Leak Detection

Don’t ever let anyone break into your concrete to dig for a slab leak.  Dismantling your properly is unacceptable.  Slab leak detection requires technical expertise, and the right leak detection equipment, we are the leak detection plumbing company of choice.  Other plumbers in the San Mateo area call us to handle difficult projects like these because we have the right people and most advanced leak detection equipment.

Locating your leak without destroying the surroundings is easy with the use of modern equipment.  It saves you on time and unnecessary costly repairs.  The goal is to not dig up the entire floor, but focus the repair area to single spot of less than 12” square.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in San Mateo by Express Plumbing

Slab Leak Repair

Once the leak source is detected, Express Plumbing’s highly qualified and trained plumbers will use the least invasive way to repair the leak at its source, and return the disturbed area to its natural state.

If you think you have a slab leak in your home, apartment building, or business, call 650-343-9477, a slab leak detection and repair expert will be on his way to you in no time.  We are the #1 referred and preferred plumbing company in San Mateo and surrounding Bay Area cities.

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