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Tankless Water Heater Endless Water

How Much Money does a Tankless Water Heater Save?

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On demand water heaters, often referred to as tankless water heaters only produce hot water when you need it.   There is no water storage being heated therefore you save money, but how much money does a tankless water heater save?

How It Works

A tankless water heater has no tank, so no water is being heated when not in use.  When you turn the hot water faucet on in the house, cold water travels through the unit, gets heated and delivered to you.

Generally, the hot water is delivered at a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute.

Electric or Gas Tankless Water Heater?

Gas operated tankless water heaters produce a higher flow rate of hot water than the electric ones.

If you’re in a large home, the gas fired tankless model can’t supply hot water simultaneously for multiple users like the electric one does.

Operating Costs of Gas or Electric Water Heaters

Cost and Savings of an On-Demand Water Heater

The initial cost of purchase and installation is more than you would pay for a conventional water heater, but the savings and return on investment are much better.

  • Tankless water heaters have lower operating and energy cost
  • Life expectancy is more than 20 years when compared to 10 with traditional water heaters

Tankless Water Heater Client Review

When Chris and Joan started looking at switching their traditional water heater to a tankless one, they weren’t really sure it’s worth the time or investment.

We worked closely with them and provided all the details and statistics available relating to energy savings over time.  They made their decision and the San Mateo tankless water installation happened without a glitch.  Here’s what they had to say:

If you’re in a home that uses 40 gallons of hot water daily, you can expect 24% to 35% energy savings, if you use more hot water, the savings are even more and up to 50%.

A tankless water heater is energy efficient but that energy efficiency can be better optimized with proper installation and maintenance.

There are many factors to consider, therefore it’s important to hire an experienced tankless water heater contractor that understands the various fuel types, local climate, building code regulations, safety issues when dealing with gas operated water heaters.

Express Plumbing in San Mateo CA has over 25 years of experience in new installations, maintenance, and plumbing repairs.  We’ve worked with apartment complexes, residential homes, commercial businesses, and municipalities throughout the Bay Area.

If you’re ready to learn more about on-demand hot water heaters and want to get a no obligation, complimentary estimate, give us a call or request a quote.

We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 1989, we take pride in providing excellent service throughout the area.  We would love to help you save money and get your home energy efficient with a tankless water heater installation.

Complimentary Tankless Water Heater Estimate

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Is a Burst Pipe Emergency Covered by Insurance?

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An emergency involving a burst pipe is an unexpected financial burden to homeowners and business owners. Does your insurance cover a bursting pipe? Here is the information we found to help you avoid unforeseen costs.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners’ insurance does cover unexpected burst pipes and the damage it causes, however insurance does not cover the damage resulting from an ongoing slow leak that was left and not repaired.

Water Damage from Burst Pipe

Photo: Pennlive.com UCLA water damage from burst pipe. Read Full Story

How to Prevent Bursted Pipes?

There are major problems associated with a burst pipe. Even a small crack can flood your home, besides the visible damage, water damage under the carpet, wood floors and in the walls can cause mold if not dealt with immediately.

freezing weather pipe burst

Pipe Burst due to Freezing Weather

Here are a few recommendations to help you avoid burst pipes.

  • Learn More about emergency release valves.

  • Avoid frozen pipes in cold areas by properly insulating exposed pipes.

  • Prior to winter drain all outdoor pipes and faucets and disconnect the hoses to avoid bursts.

  • Schedule a yearly maintenance inspection by a licensed contractor.

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, prevention is key. Our team of plumbing technicians regularly performs home plumbing inspections, and routine evaluations to identify potential problems from wear and tear.

How to Handle a Pipe Burst?

If you experience a bursting pipe, and you do not have an emergency shut off valve, you must react quickly to minimize the damage.

  • Locate your house water valve, know where this is at all times.
  • Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water to your home.
  • Verify the water has been shut off by turning on your water hose outside, which should stop if you properly followed the procedure.

Our Bay Area plumbing company has helped thousands of homeowners avoid emergency bursting pipes by providing regular maintenance inspections.

We have also installed hundreds of shut off valves to help them avoid water damage and repair costs if they have a pipe burst while away from home.  We are also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays and weekends.  If you ever have a plumbing emergency, give us a call and we’ll quickly help you.

Taking small steps to avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses is very important. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for insurance coverage, have a pipe that bursts to later find out it’s not covered due to improper maintenance.

Know your insurance policy, and understand your particular coverage to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Our plumbing company in San Mateo accepts insurance claims, we will communicate with parties involved to insure a timely repair and avoid any further unnecessary costs.

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Average Cost of Hydro Jetting in San Francisco Area

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Slow sewage lines or clogged drains? Hydro jetting commonly referred to as high pressure jetting is used by our San Francisco professional plumbers to quickly remove the blockage and build up.  It’s effective and efficient.

About the Hydro Jetting Process

We begin by determining the location of the problem first using a video camera inspection, this will quickly pinpoint the location.  A combination of a snake and Hydro jetting may be used if tree roots are involved in the blockage.

The snake will break up the particles in the blockage, while the high-pressure water jetting clears the drains completely and removed any remaining particles on the interior walls of the pipes.

Average Prices of Hydro Jetting Plumbing Services in the San Francisco Area courtesy of HomeAdvisor.


High Pressure Drain Cleaning Vs Snake

Hydro jetting is very common with commercial plumbing projects, especially restaurants.

In a residential home, the process works great for removing sand, silt, and build up in clogs such as hair and other grease and food particles.

Using a snake to unclog a drain only breaks up the particles and leaves the buildup on the interior walls.  The high-pressure process of hydrojetting can completely clean the pipes which a snake cannot compare to.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting to Clear Drains

Time is money.  The quicker a project a completed, the less costly it is.  The high pressure drain clean process is environmentally friendly and avoids the use of chemicals to clear the drains.

The hydro jetting machine can release high pressure of 7000 lbs per square inch to clean your clogged drains or sewer lines quickly and without and problems.

Our expert Bay Area plumbing technicians provide drain cleaning services in the San Francisco area to both commercial and residential clients.

We’re equipped and experienced to handle your plumbing needs no matter how big or small.  Rely on our experience to help you the next time you need a hydro jetting contractor in the Bay Area.

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Common Summer Residential Plumbing Projects

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Every year you may encounter major or minor home repair and plumbing issues. Depending on the age of your home, some issues might be larger and quite costly.

summer plumbing projects bay areaMany homeowners opt to embark on summer projects early to address these issues. Plumbing projects are those that affect your everyday life inside or outside the home.

Some projects you can do alone, and others will require a professional plumber to handle.  If any of your projects need us, schedule your free estimate early by giving us a call.  We serve the entire Bay Area including San Francisco, Alameda County, San Mateo, Burlingame and all surrounding areas in the Peninsula.

Here are a few of the common plumbing projects our residential clients have requested.

Installing a Hot Water Heater

Express Bay Area Plumbing Projects

24 Hour Service – 7 Days a Week

Hot water heaters are one of the most important appliances in the home. They are instrumental when it comes to heating cooking and bathing water. When these appliances malfunction, they can cause all sorts of problems. Leaks are just one issue you may have. Installing a new hot water heater requires specific expertise.

Give us a call for a free estimate on a new traditional water heater or tankless water heater installation. Learn more about investing in a tankless water heater.

Pipe Replacement

Older homes often have plumbing components that are outdated. There are instances when plumbing pipes require replacement. Our Bay Area experienced plumbers know what pipes are needed for your plumbing system.  We are the experts in trenchless pipe replacement, ask us all about it by giving us a call for a free estimate.

Upgrading Plumbing Hardware

Faucet and fixture replacements are probably the top requested calls.  You may choose to replace them because you don’t like the look anymore, or because they’re no longer functioning.

Replacing a bathroom or kitchen faucet is easy, but if not professionally done and well installed, you may end up with a leak and a more costly project.  Repair and Maintain things early to avoid plumbing problems.

Experienced plumbers are those that are certified to work in this industry. They have the expertise required to fix plumbing problems. At Express Plumbing, we’ve been serving our Bay Area neighbors since 1989.  We only hire experienced plumbers, and we guarantee your satisfaction with every plumbing project we perform.

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Is Your Home or Business Earthquake Ready?

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CNN reported at least nine people died when a 6.2 magnitude earth quake struck near Ueki Japan.  In the Bay Area we’re always at risk of a large magnitude earthquake and one of the main reason earthquake shut off valves have become increasingly popular.

earthquake ready

No one is ever earthquake ready, but taking small preventative steps to protect your home and family is easy by installing an earthquake shut off valve.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan

What is an Earthquake Shut Off Valve?

A shut off valve is simply a valve that shuts off the flow during an emergency, there are various valves for various applications and one of the most popular ones is a seismic gas shut off valve which shuts off the natural gas service when an earthquake of a sufficient size occurs at your home or business.

Homes and businesses in the Bay Area are built to withstand a certain magnitude earthquake, but this doesn’t mean that gas leaks and water leaks will not occur even if the house or commercial building is still standing.

Preventing explosions, fires, and other disasters from happening during an earthquake is one of the most important preventative steps we can take as homeowners and business owners.

Our Bay Area plumbers in San Mateo CA specialize and provide our clients with options, and techniques that help them save time, and money while preventing plumbing disasters from happening.

Earthquakes are bound to happen, it’s a matter of “when” so don’t ask yourself “if” you should take these precautions seriously.

We offer free estimates, and 24/7 live operators to help you during an emergency.  Give us a call at 650-343-9477 if you’re interested in learning more about the cost and time it takes to install an earthquake shut off valve in your Bay Area home or business.

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