Catch Basin Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Call our Bay Area professional plumbers in San Mateo for storm drain cleaning, manhole cleaning, catch basin cleaning or industrial plant cleaning.

We provide illustrated reports and the highest professional services in the industry that are relied upon by homeowners, business owners, and other plumbing companies not equipped to handle the projects.


What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is commonly known as a storm drain.  It is a curbside drain that collects water from your property and street and transports it through underground piping to local waterways.  Storm drains can be found at home, businesses, the city, in parking lots, and pretty much anywhere around town.

Who Maintains the Storm Drains?

In most areas, the city’s public works department maintains both the sewer systems and the storm drain systems.  Express Plumbing is relied upon as an emergency response when a catch basin is flooded and crews are not available to dispatch.

Why you should maintain your property?

The city cleans out clogged storm drains throughout the year, but there are simply too many, and not enough time to get them all cleaned.  As a homeowner or business owner you can reduce flooding in the neighborhood by keeping material out of the storm drain system, and regularly maintaining it by calling our professional crew.

Why choose us?

Express Plumbing is relied upon by homeowners, businesses, and cities as the #1 choice for storm drain cleaning in San Mateo and all surrounding areas.  Our directional boring and recorded video inspections allow us to be efficient and competitive.

  • Recorded Video Inspections

  • Illustrated Reports

  • Industrial Plant Cleaning

  • Storm Drain Cleaning

  • Catch Basin Cleaning

  • Manhole Cleaning

  • Drainage Pipe Cleaning

  • Drainage Ditch Dredging

  • Sewer Line Cleaning

  • Smoke Testing

  • Directional Boring

  • Odor Tracing

When you call Express Plumbing, you will get experienced professionals that are equipped to properly handle anything removed from your facility in accordance with regulations.

Rely on our experience, advanced plumbing & drilling equipment to provide you with efficient, cost-effective, and successful projects no matter how big or small.  We offer a wide range of plumbing, drilling, and engineering services that go beyond the casual storm drain cleaning.

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