Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth The Investment?

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Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth The Investment?

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Installing a tankless water heater initially costs more than the traditional water heater, so before making a decision, a homeowner or business owner wants to make sure a tankless water heater investment is worth it.

tankless water heater installers

Without a doubt, tankless water heaters are more efficient, and save on energy costs.  According to the U.S. Department of energy a tankless water heater can be 24 to 34 percent more efficient than the traditional tank water heater, but that percentage will vary depending on your daily use.

Unlike the traditional tank style water heater, there is no tank, and water is immediately heated when you need it, so there’s no need for your gas or electric to continue running and heating water.  The hot water is generated on demand and this minimizes the utility usage.

How do tankless water heaters work

Are Tankless Water Heaters Gas or Electric?

This is very common question.  These water heaters have increased in demand, and there are many options and styles to choose from.  A tankless water heater comes in natural gas, propane or electric.

Whole House Tankless Water Heater

A whole house water heater can supply hot water to multiple outlets in the home; they usually run on gas or propane, and have a higher flow rate than electric water heaters.

Point Of Use Water Heater

Some homeowners with large homes will install a whole house water heater, but in addition install a point of use water heater for specific appliances that demand a lot of hot water.  The point of use tankless water heaters are usually electric and only deliver to a specific outlet.

All our clients find tankless water heaters to be efficient, they are compact and do not take up much space.  Yes, they do cost more than the traditional water heater, but you’ll want to balance the cost of your unit with your ongoing operating costs.

Our Bay Area plumbing company specializes in advanced plumbing repair and installation techniques to help you save money whether you need residential or commercial plumbing services.

Our tankless water heater installers are professional and experienced to help you become energy efficient and save on operating costs with a new tankless water heater installation in the San Mateo area or anywhere in the Bay area.

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Why is Video Inspection of Sewer Lines So Important?

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Unfortunately Sewer line plumbing problems tend to come up when we least expect them, but knowing how to handle the situation best can save you lots of money and time. Sewer lines are often the issue, and a video camera inspection can quickly pinpoint the area needing the most attention.

What is a sewer video camera?

Before you get excited send your iPhone down the drain to take a video, it’s important to note that a video camera for the sewer line is a specialty camera generally used by professional plumbers and not available on the open market for the general public. We use it more, so it’s worth the investment.

Why have a sewer line video done?

Let’s just say it won’t be a YouTube hit, but it will minimize the hit on your pocket. Here are some very common reasons why we get called out to perform a video inspection of sewer lines in the Bay Area. This is just a few examples and not a inclusive list of reasons.

  • A real estate transaction may require an inspection on older homes
  • Homeowners lost something of value down the drain and want to locate it
  • A block or clog in the drain that’s in the sewer line and must be located

“A little rat decides to visit during a video inspection”

Sewer line video inspection cost?

Our San Mateo plumbing company always provides a free estimate, so you’ll always know the cost upfront. The exact cost will vary depending on the length of the pipe, location, difficulty in performing the task, and location of the sewer line.

Benefits of a Real-Time Sewer Line Video Inspection

A big problem can be created from a small one if you’re not dealing with an experienced plumber, trenches are dug up, pipes are cut and simply a big mess is created that you don’t want to deal with emotionally or financially.

Real time sewer line inspections save you time and money by taking the guess work out of the equation.

In fact our plumbing company has the advanced equipment needed to perform multi-directional sewer line inspections. We can reach tough places, and our advanced equipment gives your real-time inspection.

Like most home repair problems, catching issues early is very important, so the more you maintain the plumbing the less problems you have in the long run, but if ever you have a lateral line obstruction, sewer repair or installation, you can rely on our San Mateo area plumbers to get it done right the first time. We’ve been your sewer line experts since 1989.

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Is Your Home or Business Earthquake Ready?

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CNN reported at least nine people died when a 6.2 magnitude earth quake struck near Ueki Japan.  In the Bay Area we’re always at risk of a large magnitude earthquake and one of the main reason earthquake shut off valves have become increasingly popular.

earthquake ready

No one is ever earthquake ready, but taking small preventative steps to protect your home and family is easy by installing an earthquake shut off valve.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan

What is an Earthquake Shut Off Valve?

A shut off valve is simply a valve that shuts off the flow during an emergency, there are various valves for various applications and one of the most popular ones is a seismic gas shut off valve which shuts off the natural gas service when an earthquake of a sufficient size occurs at your home or business.

Homes and businesses in the Bay Area are built to withstand a certain magnitude earthquake, but this doesn’t mean that gas leaks and water leaks will not occur even if the house or commercial building is still standing.

Preventing explosions, fires, and other disasters from happening during an earthquake is one of the most important preventative steps we can take as homeowners and business owners.

Our Bay Area plumbers in San Mateo CA specialize and provide our clients with options, and techniques that help them save time, and money while preventing plumbing disasters from happening.

Earthquakes are bound to happen, it’s a matter of “when” so don’t ask yourself “if” you should take these precautions seriously.

We offer free estimates, and 24/7 live operators to help you during an emergency.  Give us a call at 650-343-9477 if you’re interested in learning more about the cost and time it takes to install an earthquake shut off valve in your Bay Area home or business.

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Bay Area Residential Plumbing Leaks and Repairs

How Proper Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Emergency Problems

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While we apply the principle of regular maintenance in every part of our life, we tend to dismiss it often when it comes to our home plumbing maintenance needs.  We call a plumber when we need one, but a few preventative steps can avoid emergency issues from even coming up in the first place.

Bathrooms and kitchens are not the only spaces affected by plumbing issues, there are other parts of the house that are impacted.

Regular checks are the best way to avoid costly repairs. These can be done seasonally by an experienced plumber. Plumbing inspections are significant when the home is older and has dated hardware. During these visits, a plumber can pinpoint potential problems.

Our expert plumbers perform small repairs before they become a big issue or spread to other areas in the home.  Here are the top 3 costly plumbing repairs you can avoid.

1 – Water Heater Repair

Water heaters can malfunction for various reasons. Age is one of the top reasons for these problems. It can cost more than $500 to have this work done. If leaks have resulted because of your water heater, other problems may arise. Depending on the location of the heater, leaks could cause flooding. When water heaters are not working, it is impossible to get hot water in the home. This affects both bathing and cooking.  Our Bay Area plumbers specialize in tankless water heater installations as an option to the traditional water heater.Why You Should Hire A Professional For Water Heater Services 2

2 – Septic Tank Repair

Problems with a septic tank can be not only costly but complex. This type of repair requires expertise and equipment. It is important that you hire a plumbing company that can accommodate this work. Indoor plumbing is limited or interrupted with septic tank repairs. This may be a timely repair that could put your home at a standstill.  You may want to consider a septic to sewer conversion.

3 – Installing Pipes

The problem with your home’s plumbing may point to its pipes. There are instances where entirely new pipes are required. If considering new piping, you’ll want to save on time and money by looking into trenchless technology which cuts the amount of time it takes and does not disrupt the surface since no digging is involved, this means less cost is spent on repairing the surface above

When you maintain your home’s plumbing, you extend its life. The function of the home is impacted by proper plumbing. It is important to address issues like leaks as soon as they occur. These are problems that can lead to bigger issues. Regular maintenance is a good way to protect your home and the belongings it stores.

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Why is Pipe Insulation so Important?

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Applications of pipe insulation are often overlooked and misunderstood by homeowners. They never understand how important pipe insulation is when it comes to plumbing. However, if you knew where and how to use pipe insulation, you would not only end up increasing the face value of your house but also improve the overall energy efficiency.

energy efficient

There are a large variety of materials for pipe insulation. You can find pipe insulation in either polyethylene, rigid foam, rubber, glass or mineral wool. The purpose remains the same in every type of insulation. Take a look at the following advantages of pipe insulation, regardless of the type of materials employed:Why You Need Water Backflow Preventers 2

Thermal Insulation In Cold Weather

Imagine taking a shower in extreme cold weather and you notice that there is no hot water. This is a worst case scenario that can happen during the cold winter months due to the bursting of pipes. This would then result in taking a cold freezing shower. Pipe insulation can help prevent such accidents and also save you from the crippling repair and cleaning costs that follow thereafter.

Pipe insulation allows for the smooth flow of water by slowly transferring the heat to the much colder environment outside from the pipes, preventing the liquid from freezing up. Therefore, it is also important that during installation of pipe insulation, immense care is taken to avoid any gaps that might expose the pipes to external cold air.

Providing Warmth Within The House

Pipe insulation is quite handy during the cold winter months as it brings a new option to the table for keeping each room in your house warm and cozy. This means that no matter what the temperature is outside, your house can stay as warm as you want. Insulation pipes make it quite sensible for application due to ever increasing heating and fuel prices. If you use sleeves to clad the pipe, you can insulate your cold and hot pipes quite effectively and deal with any damage caused by extreme temperatures.

Energy Conservation

Efficiency of the water heater can be greatly improved with the help of pipe insulation. The amount of heat lost within the surrounding environment is greatly reduced. The reason why it is hard to retain hot water without the insulation is because pipes can generally bleed heat out into the surrounding areas creating a drop in the temperature of hot water.

To sum it up, a good pipe insulation can help you improve the overall efficiency of your house, save energy and save hundreds of dollars spent every year on energy bills. It is important that you do not ignore the small wear and tear of the insulation pipes as they may turn out to be a big expense for you one day.

We’ve been providing quality plumbing and engineering services in the Bay Area since 1989.  We take great pride in giving our clients information that will help them save time and money.  If you have other home improvement ideas you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll be happy to mention you when we do.

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Trenchless Solutions vs. Traditional

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When you need a new sewer line or a plumbing repair it’s important to know the facts about trenchless solutions vs. the traditional methods.

Traditional Plumbing Repairs

A traditional plumbing repair may require exposing the pipes along an entire trench or line in the backyard or front yard.  There are also many occasions when the pipe or sewer you’re trying to repair is under the house or an area that’s difficult to reach.

In order to reach the location, digging is required, this tends to create a big mess up top that will also require repairing after the work is done underneath.  Whether it’s concrete or dirt, grass, and flowers, it has to be put back.  More work means a longer period of time, and more money.

trenchless repair vs traditional repair main replacement

Trenchless Vs. Traditional Plumbing Repairs

Trenchless means exactly the way it sounds “trench less”, this means any plumbing repair or installation is done without any digging.  Advanced equipment allows the contractor to get to the point of repair or installation without creating a large dug up area that will need follow up and repair.

Trenchless solutions are used at our San Mateo plumbing company for all repairs and new installations. We promote methods that not only save time, but also save our clients money.

Besides time, and money, when you choose trenchless solutions you’re protecting the environment.

We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 1989.  Our company has helped thousands of home owners with trenchess sewer replacement and trenchless plumbing repairs.  We’ve been labeled the “No dig” plumbers in San Mateo.

If you’re in need to a plumbing repair or a new line installation, you owe it to yourself and your budget to find out about the advanced plumbing techniques available to you in the Bay Area.

Schedule a free consultation, we’re happy to give you a quote that won’t cost you a dime, and answer all your questions about trenchless solutions vs traditional plumbing methods.

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Tips to Prevent a Home Plumbing Disaster

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When homeowners decide to do plumbing themselves, sometimes a small issue can quickly become a plumbing nightmare.  Here are some tips to avoid a plumbing disaster.

Plumbing Disaster San Mateo

Know Where Your Home Pipes Are

When you’re doing work around the house, driving screws, and hammering nails in, or working in the yard digging for plants, you’ll want to know exactly where your pipes are in order to avoid damage and leak from occurring.

Familiarize yourself with your home simply by walking around and closely look for exposed pipes and where they lead.

Know Where Your Gas Shut Off Valves Are

During an emergency, you’ll want to shut off the gas valves quickly.  If you see a spark, vacate the property, go across the street and wait for emergency help to arrive.  Knowing where your gas shut off valves are if you smell gas can avoid a big disaster from happening.

Know Where Your Water Shut off Valves Are

There are various locations when you can quickly shut off the water to a troubled area.  For example, if your toilet or sink continues to drip water and the problem is isolated to that location, you can shut off the water directly under the sink or toilet.

But if you have a major leak, and you cannot pinpoint the source, you’ll want to know where the shut off valve is to your main.  Most are located near the sidewalk of your home, but a quick phone call to your water company, and they’ll be able to give you the exact location.

How to contact the water company in San Mateo CA

Don’t Over Tighten Faucets and Fixtures

Sometimes, a simple leak can turn into a major one because we quickly think if we tighten the faucet, the leak will stop.  Over tightening fixtures the joints will fail and a bigger plumbing disaster occurs.  So, do not over tighten anything to remedy the problem.

When our emergency plumbers in San Mateo are called out to a home, we repair the plumbing problem, but we educate our clients on best plumbing practices that will help them prevent plumbing emergencies from happening or becoming bigger than what they are.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Burlingame, or anywhere in the San Mateo area, we ask you to give us a call, we’re family owned and operated and have been serving the community since 1987.

We guarantee our work, provide free plumbing estimates, and we are the local plumber you can depend on to fix and avoid plumbing disasters from happening.

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